When running your own business, you can often decide how much you want to work and at what hours (not in all industries). It gives a lot of independence. How to start your own business?

Why is it worth having your own company?

 Having your own business is primarily related to independence. From the moment you start a business, it becomes your source of income. In addition, for individual industries, it often depends on you how much you earn. If you decide to work based on external orders, you will have to work on obtaining them, but you can set the conditions for implementation, which is extremely affordable.

Business idea

What exactly is your company supposed to do for others? If, for example, you set up a marketing agency, think about what you are the strongest and what is the core of your business.

own business start

Competitive analysis

Ok, you already have an idea for your own business, and you know that people need your services. Let the next task be to check the actions of your competition. Why?

You probably have already outlined your own action plan, but it’s worth checking how others are doing in your industry (and what they offer and what else they lack …). Maybe even after a quick research of the competition profile on Facebook it turns out that they are poor in customer service? Or they offer very standard items?

With this information, you can think about, for example, stand out from the service of your customers or add them something extra from yourself. These simple things then build your trust and the position of a company that knows its stuff, and people are eager to recommend this type of business to their friends?

Act locally

Local business is one that you run in your own village, small town or large city. All activities take place in one clearly defined place, which is both a disadvantage and an advantage. The disadvantage, because the group of recipients of your goods or services is limited to the maximum number of inhabitants, and the advantage, because when you hit the right niche – you have a constant supply of customers even in the form of the same people.

In this type of business, everything depends on your preparation and the niche you have researched. If you enter it – you will be successful if you fail – you will be at the starting point.

Social media is the basis

Remember that the profile must be active, so do not decide on all platforms that you can not handle at once. Choose the ones that match your client and product. Think about what social media your potential customers are and create a profile there. Think about what forms of communication suit your business.


Set the rigor from the very beginning, and preferably a feedback system (such as a survey after each meeting). This way you will learn about the problems and needs of customers that you can solve. Customers will tell you how to adjust your offer. Open yourself to listening.



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