In fact, Bitcoin support is easier than many traditional electronic banking. In addition, statistics show that the BTC network is much more reliable than online banking. During the 10 years of its existence, the Bitcoin network has been assets for more than 99.98% of the time – it means only 2 days of service interruption during the entire decade. Where to buy bitcoin?

How to buy bitcoin?

If you already know the answer to the question “what is bitcoin?” and you decided that you want to become its owner, you can use many convenient ways to buy bitcoin. Here we will present several of them so that everyone can efficiently purchase their first BTC. So how do you buy bitcoin?

buying bitcoin

Bitcoin counter

Bitcoin exchange is a convenient solution for novice participants of the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin exchange should be safe and easy to use. The ability to quickly receive purchased bitcoins on your wallet will be an advantage. Formalities when buying bitcoins should be minimal, adapted to the ideology of cryptocurrency and decentralization.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

The cryptocurrency exchange enables the purchase and sale of bitcoins from other platform users. The rate is set in real time, based on the purchase and sale offers, i.e. demand and supply. It is a good solution for people who, in addition to trading bitcoin, want to have access to other digital assets in one place.

Coinquist cryptocurrency exchange

Coinquista is a cryptocurrency exchange, behind which is a team of Polish specialists. In addition to low commissions and a pleasant experience from using the platform, Coinquista put special emphasis on safety and functionality. The first one was achieved thanks to Bitgo, which guarantees exchange deposits up to USD 100 million. In addition, Bitgo stores user funds for cold storage – offline, i.e. away from hacker access. One of the unique functionalities provided by the stock exchange is PLX. In addition to providing a steady course, PLX has the added advantage. When we sell BTC for PLX there is no tax obligation, as in the case of selling bitcoins for Fiats. PLX is a cryptocurrency, and crypto-crypto trading is taxable only when the digital assets are liquidated to fiat currency.

BitBay cryptocurrency exchange

BitBay is one of the most recognizable exchanges. The easy-to-use user interface, low margins and small spread are arguments for using BitBay.

Bitcoin’s popularity over the past few years has been fueled by dynamic price increases. The great interest and desire to have this cryptocurrency has caused a lot of traffic on the Internet, which has further fueled the emerging potential speculative bubble on the market. Many people have been asking themselves how to become the owner of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. There are several ways, however, as recent history has shown, access to cryptocurrencies may not necessarily be easy and common and involves a lot of risk.



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