Should You Rent A Photo Camera For Your Wedding?


A wedding is arguably the most important event in someone’s life. Women, especially, are very keen on making it their best day ever, so they are willing to go the extra mile for everything to be perfect. Photos are also extremely important because this is what’s going to be left when the party is over. However, professional photographers aren’t cheap so some brides may be tempted to ask some of their friends to take photos. Others would go a little further, and rent a photo camera for their wedding. The question is whether these solutions can work or a professional wedding photographer would be the best choice.

Renting a photo camera for your wedding may work, but only if the following conditions are met. First of all, you need someone to be able to use the functions of this camera to the full. If you have a friend who is a photographer, but for some reason can’t bring his own camera, you can go ahead and rent one. Make sure you take your friend with you when you choose what type of camera to rent because photographers are usually avid fans of one of the major brands, so they wouldn’t be comfortable using another one.

When renting your photo equipment, you need to ask for all the accessories needed for perfect results. If you shoot indoor, you’ll need a powerful flash and perhaps some professional studio lights. If you shoot outdoor, as well, you may need filters and several types of lenses, to suit all possible situations. As most brides wish to have some photos on a lakeshore, you should consider asking for a circular polarizing filter, to counteract water reflections. Since your photographer is probably going to take thousands of photos, you should make sure you also have one or two spare batteries and a charger. Moreover, you should have enough storage space for all these photos. If you intend to shoot video as well, you’ll need fast SD cards with large storage capacity.

Last but not least, you should be aware that professional photographers use post-processing software to retouch images, and make them look perfect. If you want you and your guests to look great in those photos, you’ll need to have them edited. This means you need to know how to do it yourself, or to have a friend willing to do it for you. If you use the photos just as they come out of the camera, they won’t look special, as they are going to be just like all other vacation photos, but taken with a better camera. This isn’t enough for a brilliant result, so think it over before you make your choice.

All these being said, you can go ahead and rent a professional photo camera for your wedding and hope your friend is going to use it properly. Nonetheless, if neither you nor your friends know too much about photography, lenses, lights, filters and manual camera settings, you should probably rent a photographer together with your camera. It would be a shame to have your wedding photos ruined only because you wanted to save a few dollars. Weddings are expensive, so what difference is this additional expense going to make? On the contrary, stunning photos will make a huge difference within many years from now, when they will be the only memories you’re going to have left. Wedding photos are too important to risk spoiling them, so take your time, reflect, and make the best decision. You’ll be happy you’ve done it.


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