How to train a dog

Dog training requires a proper training approach from the owner, knowledge and above all experience. Every dog ​​- regardless of whether we are dealing with a small York or Bernard – should be properly trained. Before we get to the topic of training, it is worth realizing a few things. Buying a quadruped is a very easy task, but it has some consequences. To make your task easier, choose a dog that suits your lifestyle. How to train a dog?

In what order should the puppy teach basic commands?

We start to train a puppy as soon as it appears in our home. Of course, at the beginning we teach them the simplest and most useful commands.

Reaction to name

How to train a puppy to react to his name? Many times during the day, we call the toddler in a cheerful, encouraging voice, and when he runs to us, we reward him with a treat, fun or praise.

training a dog

Coming on cue

“To me” is the most important of the commands, because the implementation of a dog’s life may depend on it. We introduce it when the pooch responds to his name. Let’s teach the quadruped that after running for this signal always fantastic things await him. In situations where we do not have such a great reward at hand or we do not care so much about the immediate and unconditional execution of the command, it is better to use a different password, such as “come”.

Remember that you cannot put too high demands on young animals. At the moment when the puppy begins to be interested in something else, it is better to stop learning and allow fun. If you want to teach a dog commands, remember that they will come to his mind much faster when combined with fun.
Determine who will be the coach in the family. Dogs are herd animals that must have their leader. An animal can have only one leader. Determine who will be responsible for dog training and do not let anyone else interfere in the training process.

Good training practices

Rewarding is much better than punishing. Praise and reward are the most effective means of education. A good reward should focus the animal’s attention and be attractive enough to make the dog care about it. It is important to deliver it as soon as possible after completing the task, preferably within 1-2 seconds. The more you delay the reward, the more likely you are to reward a completely different behavior. Dogs like treats very much and are able to do a lot to get them.

Take 10-15 minutes to train each day. At first glance, it may seem like too little time to train a dog. In fact, however, this is the optimal value. The dog will not be able to focus on performing the activities for a long time.

Plan your training. The first training exercise should concern sleeping the quadruped in the lair. Most owners skip this stage of training, which results in quite unpleasant consequences. Probably none of us would like a dog to get on the bed at night and lie down comfortably with us to sleep.


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