3D Video Vs Regular Wedding Video Which Is Better


Three-dimensional videography is something that experts have been experimenting with for quite some time now. People are surprised that wedding videos now come in 3D. These 3D videos are achieved by digitally processing images to create an impression of real depth. With the help of modern technology, you may now have your dream wedding recorded and turned into a 3D video just like the movies. What about the regular 2D wedding video? There are a lot of differences between a 3D and 2D video that makes it difficult to decide which one to go for.

For those who are not entirely familiar with 3D videography, it is more complicated than taking still photos. Photographers that engage in this activity have been working and testing with cameras to be able to come up with a great technique to record 3D videos. There are video standards that need to be followed to make viewers satisfied with the output. As usual, it will require the viewers to wear 3D glasses. The primary goal of 3D videographers is to create a video that reaches the standard but on a budget to cater to a wider client base.

If you are wondering how these 3D videos are edited, wearing 3D glasses are required. There are several tools and software available in the market to edit your 3D wedding videos. They use simple but helpful techniques to cut and preview 3D by using a split-screen effect. Some software, on the other hand, allows you to explore the 3D world of editing even if you have no 3D capable camera. That can be your start on creating a memorable wedding video for a lovely couple. Another good thing about these tools is that you can create a 2D or 3D video using one tool and everything will surely run according to your plan.

Some people say that two-dimensional wedding videos are already out of the picture, but some say they are not. Having an advanced technology and filming techniques have made it possible for videographers to come up with 2D videos that will make couples remember their special day. Unlike 3D wedding videos that need to be recorded using a special camera, 2D videos can be taken even with just a camera without needing that extra 3D effect. There are video cameras that are now available and be used in shooting in the low lights. They come in small and big sizes that allow videographers to take videos from different angles.

If you are on a tight budget, 2D wedding videography is the best option for you. However, that still varies on the company and their package that you will choose. Having a 3D wedding video can cost you more than a 2D video because there is special equipment needed just to record a 3D video, unlike in 2D videos, even a regular DSLR can do all the shooting of videos.

Are you wondering which one is better between a 3D video and a regular wedding video, the answer would really vary. If you are dreaming of an amazing video recording of your special day and would want to have it in 3D, start saving up because it can cost you a lot of fortune because 3D videography needs special equipment and tools to help the videographer achieve a great video. For those who are on a tight budget but want to have their special day recorded, you can choose a 2D video that will still have a good quality and will make a memory last a lifetime.

If you are still confused whether to have a 3D or 2D wedding video, there are wedding conventions that you can visit for suggestions. Some videographers offer their services at a discounted price. For people who have no time going to these events, you can start researching the best video services using the internet or ask a friend or relative for any recommendation. Always remember that a wedding is sacred and happens only once in a lifetime. Make sure to choose the best videographer because your wedding video will make you remember your special day and even your future children will have the opportunity to watch it.



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