My Friends Announced They Are Engaged To Be Married This Summer

Don’t you just love weddings? Recently, I was sitting oceanfront with my friends eating lunch, and they had a special announcement. They told me they were getting married this summer, and I was so excited to hear the news. They are older now, and they have been waiting for this moment. They were so happy to tell me, and their son was happy, too. I am happy for them, and I can’t​ wait to attend their wedding, which I assume is going to be oceanfront.

That is going to make for some gorgeous wedding photos and videos for sure. Lots of people have weddings here on the ocean in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In fact, weddings take place quite often during both the season and off-season all up and down the Grand Strand. That includes Pawleys Island, Murrell’s Inlet and all the other special nooks and crannies over her near the ocean and the marshes. Charleston is a great place for weddings, too, especially for a more traditional wedding, still with the ocean as your side venue. My friends are going to have a great wedding this summer, and I can’t wait to see them tie the knot. It will be awesome for sure.