How to delete all photos from iPhone

Many people wonder how to select and remove all photos from the Camera Roll in the Photos app for iOS on iPhone or iPad. You don’t have to select each photo individually if you want to delete, for example, 1000 photos from iPhone at once. Here are some alternative methods with connecting the device to a computer or directly on it. If you ever thought how to delete photos from your iPhone (cause, for example, you were running low with your space!), here comes our handy guide.

Delete photos directly from the device

There is a way to drag the selection onto all the photos and then delete the whole in one go. Just use the right gesture. To do this, launch the Photos application, and then go to the “Albums” tab in the bottom right corner.

Now tap the photo roll album which contains all the photos to view all the photos stored on your phone. Then scroll to the bottom of the album with all photos.

photos iphone deletion

Go to the album tab

When you are at the very bottom of the album, tap on the “Select” option in the upper right corner. In selection mode, select the last photo row at the bottom. Then touch and hold the photos in the lower left corner, and – while keeping your finger on the screen – slide your finger to the upper left corner to start scrolling up.

As you scroll, all photos will be automatically selected. Keep your finger where you move it until the album content scrolls to the top and all photos and videos are marked along the way.

Select all photos and delete on iPhone

When we scroll to the top, all photos from newest to oldest will be marked. Now just touch the trash can icon and confirm the deletion of all photos.

After deleting the photos, return to the main “Albums” screen in the Photos application and find the album called “Recently deleted”. After entering this album, tap the “Select” button in the upper right corner and select “Delete All”. Confirm permanent deletion of all photos.

Delete photos from an iPhone on a Mac

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac with a USB cable. Then open Preview.
Select File and Import from iPhone / camera. Then use the Cmd + A key combination to select all the photos. Finally click on the Delete symbol at the bottom.

Delete on a Windows PC

For iCloud applications for Windows, choose iCloud Photos from the Start menu. However, if you use the iCloud Control Panel, on the Start menu, click Photos. Double-click My Photo Stream. Now select the photo or photos you want to delete. Right-click the selection, then choose Delete.

Photo recovery

If you accidentally delete a photo, you have 30 days to recover it from the Recently Deleted album. Restoring photos and videos makes them go back to the All Photos album.

  • Open the Photos app and go to the Albums tab.
  • Open the Recently deleted album and tap Select.
  • Tap all the photos or videos that you want to keep.
  • Tap Recover and confirm that you want to recover these photos.


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