PRO ADVICE :: 2014 Wedding Flower Trend Predictions

You really can’t go wrong with luxurious texture blooms like peonies, garden roses and dahlias, so we’re happy to hear from our friends at Isari Flower Studio in Solana Beach, California, that they are here to stay! Owner Tam Ashworth shared with us her predictions for this year’s wedding designs and shares some wonderful tidbits of expert knowledge to keep in mind when designing with fleurs.
What will we be seeing more of in 2014 for wedding blooms and designs? Less of?

We are still seeing the blush shade blooms of soft and ethereal Juliet Garden roses and Cafe au Lait Dahlias paired with silver dusty miller foliages. We are seeing less of succulents  in this mix. However succulents are appearing in aqua and white weddings, alongside white dahlias and aqua succulents. Burlap, mason jars and manzanita branches are virtually gone.


Photo from We Heart Photography for Isari Flower Studio

What would you like to see incorporated into weddings this coming year?

Decorative objects. W created a few weddings with lanterns in sand-filled trays and seashell starfish to emphasize our So Cal locale naturally! But with new fresh ideas we can incorporate books, L’objects and decorative pieces into a vignette scape that is not all about flowers. Isari

Jen Wojcik Photography for Isari Flower Studio

Are floral designs becoming more or less formal, or perhaps remaining the same?

Less formal. We live along this California  Gold Coast barrier I would say it’s that beachy vibe, less uptight and formal. People are still seeking venues that can dine under the stars, getting away from ballroom settings.


How can a couple incorporate the Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid, cleverly into their designs?

Because it’s such a BOLD color I almost want to keep it in the accent shade with the invitation, or small smidgen of it in an unexpected way. To have the whole wedding floral palette using that magenta purple shade is super strong and in your face, so I would suggest our bride to have a designated spot like may be the cake bloom that ties from the invitation and the bride’s shoes…Unexpectedly!

What’s the biggest floral no-no brides and grooms should know about?

We just designed a wedding with barely and florals, we only had the personals. The table scape was totally scenic with lanterns, starfish, corals etc. We love the challenge…Our advice for the couple would be select a clever and creative floral or event company to help bring your day to fruition that can understand your out of the box vision and execute it in a creative fashion!

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Images by Paula Luna for Isari Flower Studio

Thank you to the incredibly talented Tam and her team at Isari Flower Studio for the sage advice for 2014! We’d had the pleasure of collaborating with her on weddings and magazine editorial and her creativity blows us away.

PS – how gorgeous is her work?


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