We have a lovely little treat today, friends! Etiquette Expert Lizzie Post, great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, sat down to answer questions that we often field from our clients on proper wedding etiquette.


Here are the pressing questions we often field from our couples and Lizzie’s wonderful answers in the video:

..The A/B List method for wedding guest lists is becoming all too prevalent {inviting some guests early then adding more later on if initial responses come back no}. What does etiquette say about this?
…With weekend-long weddings {both destination and local} becoming the norm, what is the proper etiquette for the inclusion of some or all guests at a welcome or rehearsal dinner and farewell brunch? 
…While many couples can’t get around hosting several hundred guests at their wedding, what are your tips to ensure each guest feels important and welcomed?

For this beach wedding our clients envisioned a non-traditional rehearsal event where all guests could attend. We staged a big S’mores bonfire right on the beach with all of the trimmings and it was a big hit! It was so memorable because all of the guests were present and included.

wedding beach bonfire wedding beach bonfireShannon Lee Images for Valley & Co.


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