5 Tips for Creating a Unique + Cozy Fall Wedding

Autumn weddings are near and dear to our hearts and some of our all-time favorite client weddings have taken place on chilly autumn evenings as the golden leaves gently dance through the air. Pulling off a fall wedding does take some finesse, as to avoid a theme-y wedding. Tapping into the bits of fall that you love can help bring to life that magic, whether that’s a regal touch, a rustic feeling, local and gourmet food, a cozy environment, or something in between. At this dreamy Seattle wedding we brought to life a magical elegance for our clients through creative details and ornate touches, like gold gilded chargers and gold painted vessels to hold the raspberry-hued blooms.

Here are our Top 5 Tips for Creating a Unique and Cozy Fall Wedding

Gorgeous regal fall wedding | Valley & Co.

1. Provide warmth. Though this tip should go without saying, it’s oft-overlooked until we bring it to our clients’ attention. Providing warmth at a fall wedding can be done both visually and physically: think an abundance of glowing candles down the table tops, a hearth filled with huge pillar candles aglow, or dazzling chandeliers. Keep your guests warm physically by providing over sized quilts or blankets to make an outdoor dining experience feel extra cozy and dot patio heaters around any outdoor space.

2. Play off of the season. Remember what we cautioned about being overly theme-y? Stay away from this by not going to literal with fall details, but playing off of the season through it’s bounty: think crisp leaves on the ground, rustic elements mixed with gorgeous and elegant textures and food and drink that’s hearty and delectable. Think about what you love most about fall and run with it. Do you enjoy a fresh apple cider? Station an apple cider bar during happy hour so guests can help themselves to mugs of piping hot cider and jazz them up with alcohol or ganishes like cinnamon sticks or apple slices.Gorgeous regal fall wedding | Valley & Co. Gorgeous regal fall wedding | Valley & Co.

Photos: Amore Studios for Valley & Co.

3. Have a back-up plan. Or two. For this decadent gourmet dinner party in a field below we had two alternate options in case the late September evening didn’t sway in our favor. Luckily it was spectacular and our guests dined into the night with a field-side chef who whipped up all local-delights like slow-roasted Yucatan pork, creamy polenta, apple cider champagne and all sorts of amazing foodie treats {trust us, we taste a lot of food for our jobs and this tips the list, hands-down!}. Needless to say, as the evening wore on and the sun went down it got rather chilly. Remember that tip about providing warmth? We did so by passing out big shawls and welcoming guests into another experience: berry cobbler and local vanilla bean ice cream under a warm tent where dancing and toasts ensued. A back-up plan can be great not only for rain or inclement weather; it can help provide different experiences.

4. Create a unique ambiance. Playing with spaces and places will absolutely set your wedding or celebration apart. One 80′ long dinner table in a field marks a totally unique experience that we brought to life. The above mentioned party was beyond magical and the setting played a big part. Have you already booked your venue? Look around the space{s} and determine how you can play with a lawn area, woods or an indoor setting to break the norm. Elements like food trucks late-night, a cozy bonfire or a dining experience under the crisp autumn sky {with warmth!} where guests sit at one long table or over sized square king’s tables are small details that can speak wonders for a unique ambiance.

Fall wedding tips || valley & co Fall wedding tips || valley & co Fall wedding tips || valley & co Fall wedding tips || valley & co

Fall wedding tips || valley & co

5. Get creative with food and drink. Fall and winter weddings lend such a different style than most are used to, with most weddings taking place in the summertime. This is where we really get creative with our clients and suggest totally creative food and drink options like tasting menus, table side carving services or sommeliers that will educate your guests on the bevvy of wines you like or a chef who will bring to life an action station – something we bet many guests haven’t seen. Err towards a heartier and more full menu than that at a summertime wedding: polentas, individual potatoes au gratin, fresh berry cobblers, personal cheese plates apres-dinner, and pairings for each meal with either wine, a mocktail or a whiskey or beer, will do wonders for creating a totally unique and creating dining experience.Fall wedding tips || valley & co

Photos: License to Still for Valley & Co.

Are you planning a fall wedding? What do you think of our Top 5 tips?

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    Great Blog! Fall is such a fun time of year! The colors are bold and warm and the possibilities are endless. I definitely agree with number 4 create a unique ambiance, because that can really set the tone for your wedding. Having the right lights and colors can make or break your wedding. 

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