Get Crafty! DIY Rosemary Wreath

Good morning, friends! We’re tickled to share this project with you from our West Elm Spring Social event we hosted last night in Seattle. We not only got to play with paper flowers {so gorgeous and delicate!}, but we were challenged to put our own spin on the new delicious paper confections. We whipped up three projects intended to be extra lovely and cheery, but with ease. When dreaming up finishing touches we’re big into appeasing all of the senses, and playing off of a garden motif, we trimmed fresh rosemary from the kitchen garden and went to town creating little rosemary wreaths that can adorn a table top and provide a perfect subtle dose of herb scents.



rosemary || canning jar lid rims || twine and ribbon || paper flowers || clippers || hot glue

rosemary wreath DIY

Step 1. wrap a thick line of hot glue around the rim of your lid, about 1/4 way around. Gently press the rosemary into the glue.rosemary wreath DIY

Step 2. trim off the stemmier ends of the rosemary and continue wrapping and gluing until you’ve reached a full circle.rosemary wreath DIY

rosemary wreath DIY

rosemary wreath DIY

Step 3. use your paper flowers {we love these cherry blossoms from West Elm} and secure in place with a dab of hot glue.rosemary wreath DIY

Step 4. take an 8″ piece of ribbon and a piece of twine and bring the two ends through the center of the wreath. Then pull them through the loop and secure in a loose knot. Voila – you’ve got yourself a sweet wreath!rosemary wreath DIY

rosemary wreath DIY

rosemary wreath DIY

Last night we used these in our designs and illustrated how charming they’d be nestled on a wedding table top with candles aglow…sweet, don’t you think? rosemary wreath DIY

Photos and DIY: Valley & Co.

Are you thinking spring, lovelies? In what ways are you working garden or spring-inspired elements into your celebration?

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