Wedding Chatter: 4 Ways to Graciously Welcome Kids at Weddings

It’s long been a debate between many a newlywed-to-be whether or not to allow children at their wedding. Often times it’s not because kids aren’t liked or enjoyed, but a couple often wants their friends and family to kick back and enjoy themselves, sometimes sans kids. There’s a fine line as to how to approach this issue and we instruct our clients to walk it carefully. If you’re throwing a destination wedding, be considerate as to whether your guests may not come if their kids are not welcome, or if you offer a babysitter some might balk at leaving their kids with strangers. Block out rooms that have more than one king-sized bed. Reach out to parents and ask them if they have any concerns or need any suggestions for nearby activities. If you do welcome kids to your wedding, welcome them:

1. give kiddos their own little welcome kit. Hit up a party supply store and for $5 a kid you can create a gift box that will keep them busy for hours. OR have one of these at place settings for dinnertime at your reception. Stamp their names or initials on each for a fun place card. It’s all about keeping the kids happy!

2. think outside the chicken fingers box. With such creative menus that you’ve so thoughtfully prepared for the adults, don’t fall short with the kids. Be considerate to dietary restrictions and, by no means are we saying to give a 4-year-old the same lobster portion as her parents, but offer an entree that will be tasty and healthy with fresh veggies and maybe even the kiddo’s favorite dish. For invitations going to families with children, think about having a separate line on the response card asking their parents what their favorite entree is {or pre-select two fun choics}. Ask your catering team what fun they can dream up for the kids, too {whether it’s a smaller portion of the adult entree - often half the price - or something creative}, like fish and chips served in paper cones, tasty grilled veggies with a yummy chicken dish served up on fun cutting board, or an unexpected serving method kids will think is grown up and cool.

kids wedding games

3. provide a hands-on activity. Don’t let the adults have all of the fun! Many kids would much rather be elsewhere than having to be on their best behavior at your celebration, so wow them with something cool like a balloon artist or a face painter. We had a face painter on-site for a festive mostly-adults bash that had kids present and they ate it up!


Photos and tips: Valley & Co.


 4. don’t forget about young adults. Near-teens and teenagers needn’t be banished to the kids’ table, but do your best to make them feel welcomed in a fun way – Apples to Apples or Trivial Pursuit cards in berry crates at their place settings can give them activities to tide them over for hours.

Tell us, friends: are you planning on having children at your wedding? How are you welcoming them?

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  1. says

    Fabulous tips, as always! It’s funny, your note about serving something other than chicken fingers reminded me of the last wedding we attended–they had to shoo the adults away from the chicken fingers!

    • admin says

      Thank you, sweet Lena! This is hilarious – we’ve got nothing against chicken fingers! :) We so frequently observe kiddos at weddings being less than impressed – unless, of course, they’re super flavorful!

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