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Goodness, we’re tickled to share today’s the buzz…post! If you haven’t happened upon the just-launched loveliness that is Cloud Parade, we hope after you read the scoop here you’ll head on over. You know we’re big proponents of making the wedding planning process easier, right? It’s what we do for our clients day in and day out. So when we happen upon tools that make our jobs easier, too, and those that allow us to connect virtually with our couples and share ideas and fun finds, we’re thrilled. Without further adieu, we’ll turn the floor over to Cloud Parade Founder Candice, and her picks for nearly-here Valentine’s Day and some fun facts about her new site:

It’s that time again where couples fall in love all over again, love is in the air, and more weddings are planned. Valentine’s Day is often spent with the one you love, and with Cloud Parade we have been able to pick the hottest items and trends for you. 

cloud parade

Tell us a bit about the loveliness that is Cloud Parade:

Every week we have our “team meeting round ups.” This is a time to share what has been happening in the “cloud Parade” world, talk about all our amazing and rad vendors, and celebrate a new week. Cloud Parade is a place where every week we are reminded that hip wedding couples can have their own individual wedding. They don’t need to comply with that 1980s prom out-dated “wedding look.” They can use bright colors, they can have miss matched bridal decor, and they can be unique. Cloud Parade is the first online marketplace where a wedding couple can shop and design a rad wedding all in one spot.

glittering sequined backdrop

 Where’d you dream up the name and concept?

The vision was born when I watched my sister plan her wedding a few years ago. The shopping end of things was a nightmare and there wasn’t just “one” spot were you could find “only” rad items…. there was a lot of filtering and treasure hunting for that one awesome item. Now with Cloud Parade, it’s all in one spot.
The name was the easiest part about Cloud Parade. A girl friend of mine, Amelia Lyon, heard my vision and with in a second she came up with the name Your Cloud Parade. From that moment on, we referred to this dream and vision as “Cloud Parade.”

confetti hearts

 What are you currently loving?

I am currently loving COLOR! But this is because I am still bitter that when I got married 6 years ago it was only ok to use dark colors with an accent color of white. blahhhh :(  


red cake stand

Cupcakes or cake?

Hmmmm, this is a good question. I would say cupcakes but lately I feel like they have been over done. And the cake designers have really stepped up their game! So at this very moment I would say CAKE! Yet, I think a cake mixed with an amazing dessert bar is even better. The more sugar the better, right?

fringed pink balloon

Loving this fringed balloon from Stephanie Shives Studio! Check her out!

Thoughts on Emerald Green?
LOVE LOVE LOVE and it’s my birth stone!
So, are you excited about Cloud Parade or what? Thanks a bunch to the lovely Candice for sharing these especially sweet images and for letting us get to know you! Hop on over to Cloud Parade and join in the fun!
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  1. Jen Kessler says

    I just hopped over to your blog from Instagram – and I LOVE it! This is a great post because I’ve been wondering what the whole Cloud Parade thing was anyway – thanks!

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