5 Things Wedding Artists can do to Lose Business

As we’ve flipped the calendar to a fresh and shiny 2013, we have so many thoughts to share. Many ideas to share. We will strive to create {even} more. Love and laugh {even} more. To just give it a go. We hope you join us on this journey and let’s aim to make 2013 positively awesome!

So, wedding friendors, we share this advice with you as we have inside knowledge as to what our couples like and don’t like. We usually field all correspondence with wedding artists {we don’t like the word vendor}, and we present our couples with the best of the best for what they’re looking for. We’re well-attuned to creative artists, pricing for vendors, contracts, aesthetics, and experience and we wade through the bulk of those out there to showcase the outstanding services, but we also look for incredible up-and-coming or new artists as well as those we know well and have outstanding reputations. We know what makes a couple book one vendor over another, and what gets them excited. We also know what turns them off immediately. As we jump into this year anew let’s all strive to not only make couples happy, but to do so with our absolute best work!


Putting couples into a box. One size does not fit all with weddings. Be sure you’re attuned to this and offer alternate solutions for couples if they don’t fit into your package or services list. Be open to altering what you may do just a bit to accommodate and to make a happy couple. Wouldn’t you rather tweak your services a little instead of losing out? With nearly a decade of being in business {hooray!}, we do not list pricing on our website. Many others do, which is fine if it works for them, but we prefer to get to know each couple specifically before sitting down with them. We send out our sample services list and a Q & A that lets us get to know them. While we do have minimum pricing and typically provide full-service planning and design, that doesn’t mean each couple sits in one price point. Make them really feel like you’re tailoring something just for them, even if it’s just a slight adjustment.


Photo: Llanes Weddings for Valley & Co.

Not sharing your best work. Seems obvious, right? You’d be surprised at how many vendors have outdated portfolios that showcase an aesthetic that doesn’t appeal to today’s couple. Don’t be afraid to share eclectic images in your portfolio and website or photos that show couples you WANT to attract. We do — from coastal to regal, woodsy, romantic, chic, and everything in between, we share all that we do and our cool couples relate to that. Just make sure all of your images are cohesive — be it color-wise, photography style, or aesthetically — and your images will shine. Feel free to check our site out here {www.valleyandco.com} to see how we attract our awesome clients. For us it just works. We put out what we want back. Make images feel like what you want to put out: for Valley & Co. it’s vibrant, fun, happy, glamorous, yet attainable.


Photo: License to Still for Valley & Co.

Making it about you. Sitting down with a couple should be an experience that focuses on them. While they {and we} of course want to know more about you and what makes you tick, share that once you know their story and what they enjoy. Their wedding isn’t your wedding. Share with them how your expertise and creativity can lend to their vision and style, but don’t take the approach of being Type-A or all about you {really, we had a photography meeting a few months ago – the couple’s friends used this photographer}, and we asked what she was like working with on the wedding day. Expecting her to say fun, attentive, happy, or even organized, yet laid-back {couples want to be relaxed on the big day!}, she said she was Type A and seemed very uptight and not into creating a relaxed environment. They went with someone else as it was about her and not them.

Not being responsive. We know you’re not always sitting in front of the computer, but answer emails or calls as soon as you can. If a wedding vendor doesn’t respond to our call or email within 24 or 48 hours {and doesn’t have an out of office on}, we’ve likely heard back from someone else and moved on.

…Not showcasing your work in its best light. Florists, photographers, linen companies, cake bakers – we know you get lots and lots of inquiries from fresh soon-to-be-married couples and many just ask you questions and never come back. Perhaps there’s a reason. Showcase your absolute best work when a couple comes to you — get a sense of what they like FIRST {flowers, cake flavors, or photo styles}, and build a consultation around that. Don’t just stick to your normal pitch as chances are it’s not going to speak to everyone. Have a fresh arrangement of their favorite blooms on your desk or welcome them with a glass of bubbly and a photo slide show with images that will jump out to them.The moral of the story {from the mouths of our wedding couples babes!}: don’t be afraid to wear your creative heart on your sleeve. You’d be amazed at how easily others will adore you and your work.

Pardon today’s novel — tomorrow we’ll share our 5 top tips for how you can make your wedding business shine!

Cheers, Aleah + Nick

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