10 Things to Do and Not Do on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day. One of the most important days in your life. A day where all eyes are on you. While the process leading up to a wedding is one full of emotions, excitement and lots of planning down to the littlest details and logistical elements, it’s easy for a wedding day to rush by in a flash. We remind our couples to slow down and savor the day we’ve all worked so hard to plan so thoughtfully. Here are some of our tips:

-Smile until your face hurts! Seems obvious, doesn’t it? We’ve seen so many couples who are nervous and forget to smile when they’ve been pronounced married or during photos. Remember to show your pearly whites!

-Take a moment post-ceremony to soak in the emotions and happiness with your new spouse. Have your caterer bring some bubbly and bites to a quiet place where you can relax.

-Take a moment to yourself. While your wedding day is about you as a couple, remember to take a deep breath and a moment to yourself. Go for an early morning stroll or sit in silence for a moment. .

-Give thanks. An oft-overlooked gesture in the excitement of the day, we love when our couples stop and thank their guests for coming, acknowledge their parents or special family members, or those who have traveled from afar.

-Leave on a high note. While we know you want to stay and visit with guests until the bitter end, our least favorite moment of the night is seeing a wedding broken down. Leave when your guests can cheer as you say au revoir and before the linens are bagged and chairs stacked.

Sarah Rhoads Photographers for Valley & Co.

-Drinking too much {early on}. Another seemingly obvious piece of advice, but again, it’s so easy to get carried away. Leave the indulging until after the special toasts and dances have taken place. You don’t want to be tripping over your new spouse on the dance floor!

-Not spending enough time visiting with your guests. Sure, this can be overwhelming if you have a larger wedding, but why invite guests if you can’t visit with them, at least for a moment? Visit tables once you’ve enjoyed your meal or schedule out time during cocktail hour to give a hug and visit.

-Spreading yourselves too thin. Trying to schedule out a wedding day to the second just doesn’t work. The day will become liquid and fluid so just go with the flow, or else you can miss out on cocktails, visiting and just having fun if you’re scheduled to the second. Map out a solid framework for the day, but let the rest go. Your team should keep you on track.

-Being late. This goes hand-in-hand with the above tip, but we must emphasize this. Get your hair and makeup done with more than enough time to relax. Our couples do this and their weddings start on time, but we’ve heard stories of weddings running hours late because hair and makeup falls behind.

-Being your own planner. If you don’t have a planning team on board, designate someone to be the g0-to contact for any questions that might arise on your wedding day, to cue caterers and your band, and to keep photographs on cue.

Remember to slow down and enjoy! The day goes by in a flash!

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