Monday Coffee – 2013 Wedding Trend Predictions

Alas, Monday has arrived once again. Our weekend was splendidly relaxing, which is not only rare, but welcomed! We enjoyed family, the crispness in the air, dreamed up whimsical fall ideas for our clients and events and also looked ahead to 2013. You know us, we’re always a few months ahead for our client events and editorial work, so thinking about what’s on the horizon is key.

We were recently asked to contribute {along with 19 other wedding bloggers} our top 2013 wedding trend prediction for a recent Bride Tide article. We shared our prediction of highly localized weddings given what we’re sharing with our clients and their desire to keep the experience incredible, but attainable.

As one year of wedding trends comes to a close another will emerge with vibrant ideas, new methods of entertaining guests and bits of eye candy that will set weddings apart as truly spectacular. These are the trends that will live on and become classic. As we are knee-deep in planning and prepping for marvelous 2013 weddings we look ahead to the localized wedding. You needn’t look too far past your hometown for preeminent wines, sea foods or fresh bounty from farmers or bakers.

Caterers will see an increase of delectable menus that are thoughtful and sourced locally, showcasing the best of what’s to offer where their creativity can truly shine.   To truly give guests an incredibly unique experience {at often a fraction of the price for shipping foods cross-country or wine across The Pond}, couples can look to nearby family-run apple cideries for a fun approach to bubbly, to a regional winery to select a scrumptious blend to pair with dinner, or work with a farmer or chef to personalize favorite food elements in an elevated light. The focus will be on quality, not quantity, and a remarkable experience will ensue!

 Photos by Frank Ross Photography for Valley & Co.

How would you dream up tying in local fare and elements into your wedding?

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