Friday Happy Hour

It’s Friday and therefore it’s reason to celebrate, right? We’re kicking off a new series on Valley & Co. | Weddings we do hope you’ll enjoy. Each Friday we’ll share some cocktails and stories from our events, along with tips suited for planning your own festive bash. As we roll out this series we’re kicking it off with an image from our recent Exquisite Weddings Magazine design spread {on stands today!}. We hope you enjoy this series and stay tuned for what we have in store next week!

Photo: Bryan Miller Photography for Valley & Co. | Drinks: Tower 23 Hotel

Always put as much care into non-alcoholic drinks to serve your guests as you do alcoholic. It’s no fun for a pregnant guest, a non-drinker or a child to step up to the bar only to be served a can of soda or glass of plain water. Who doesn’t love feeling well-taken care of and sipping on a decorative glass of balsamic elixir, a pretty flute of sparkling water or a hot cocoa with all of the trimmings?

Here are 5 easy ideas for making your non-alcoholic drinks shine:

1. infuse, infuse, infuse! Dress up the simplest of drinks {like sparkling water} with sugared fruit wheels, ribbon on the stems of glasses, or sweet rimmed sugar

2. choose festive glassware for these cocktails

3. create a make-your-own drink station where guests can play with fizzy water, fruits and syrups

4. make delightful chalkboard menus and drink flags for non-alcoholic drinks

5. make sure these mocktails are tray passed by wait staff and guests are greeted with a smile

What would you put on your non-alcoholic drink menu? Cheers and be sure to come back next week – we’ll be dissecting how to properly dress a table for your wedding and sharing our planning and etiquette tips!


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  1. Amanda C says

    The best non-alcoholic cocktail I know is 50-50 mix of ginger beer and apple juice with a lot of mint. Delicious. (add Pimms for alcoholic).

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