Tuesday Simplicity: Sweet Chair Adornment

Sweet and subtle touches are all the rage….well, in our book they’ve always been important to polishing the look of our well-hatched events, so when fall comes around our minds swirl with the perfect finishing touch ideas. For a series of mini shoots we created with Grand Floral and Bryan Miller Photography we let Robin work her magic with blooms {she whipped up some incredible fall eye candy!} and a sweet chair adornment.

Take a band of ribbon – Robin used a pale orange wireless band – and a long swatch of burlap and make a knot around your chair, looping the ends like a half-bow. Secure a tall wheat or hopps stalks, or whatever snippet of Mother Nature fits your theme.

Project: Grand Floral Photo: Bryan Miller Photography for Valley & Co.

What’s your idea of the perfect fall finishing touch?

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    • admin says

      So very true! Robin from Grand Floral is a whiz at these kinds of special touches. What’s great is that a couple really can recreate en masse {or even just on their chairs} for a beautiful look. Thanks for stopping by!

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