Monday Coffee: Creating a Clear Wedding Concept

It’s Monday! While it is a holiday {happiest holiday to you} we’re happy to share today’s Monday Coffee post as it’s been a while! Amidst the month of near-craziness August was with amazing events, a West Coast trek and lots of travel, we’re ecstatic to be sitting sipping on piping hot coffee penning this post overlooking Admiralty Inlet - hooray to be back into the swing of things {at least until we fly again this week}!

Without further adieu…a huge part of the planning process with our clients rests on developing their wedding concept. The concept is the basis for the wedding celebration, photos and memories, and is the framework for the details. Here are our Top 6 Tips for Creating a Clear Wedding Concept:

1. Start with mapping out a spider web {a la grade school - it works!} and create a central focus you both want for the ambiance, or overall feeling for your guests. Think: elegant, rustic, casual, chic, traditional, modern, etc. Branch out other ideas that support the focus from there {like a wine tasting, family-style seating, or modern ghost chairs, 5-piece band, steel drummer, peonies….whatever those ideas might be}.

2. Start filling in a color story, which will set the mood of your ambiance. Pair complimentary colors and think about using a more neutral, timeless palette but filling in details here-and-there with pops of color, if it suits you.

3. Look to your favorite activities and places to travel. Tie in adventures and experiences you loved and can share with your guests. Don’t be afraid to get creative here: we’ve had hula dancers perform during dinnertime at a black tie wedding and all sorts of experiences like cigar rolling, wine flights and activities for guests.

4. Avoid over-theming. Often times couples can get a bit too wrapped up in tying in themed elements that might over-the-top in terms of decor or projects {each detail you add is another to add to your To Do List}. So think about subtly tying in details and elements and have them support the ambiance you’ve created, not overwhelm it.

5. Go with the flow. Developing your wedding concept needn’t be stressful or an arduous task. Once you find focus the details will fall into place. Avoid over-thinking and remember that less is {almost always} more. Envision how you want your wedding photos to look 5, 10, and 50 years from now.

6. Stay true to YOU. It’s as simple as that!

 Photos: Rippee Photography for Valley & Co.

How are you developing your wedding concept? What’s most important to you and your overall vision?

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