Friday Round-Up: Lovely Bouquets

Friday has arrived in a flurry of goodness. Oh, short holiday weeks. We’re prepping for another wonderfully fun weekend to celebrate Aleah’s birthday on Monday! Break out the bubbly! There’s something so relaxing about enjoying a June birthday al fresco and taking in the scents and feeling of summertime…but before we bid you adieu for the weekend we had to share some beauty.

These inspiring and decadent pale bouquets that have the perfect touch of magic. They’re ruffled, sweet and charming and delightfully romantic. Enjoy!

Oh gosh, before we get to this beauty, we are so excited to mention that yesterday we unveiled Valley & Co. Creative Business Consulting and Webinars! We hope you check it out and connect with us – we’re thrilled! Now let’s break out the champagne!

One. From Llanes Weddings for Valley & Co. | Two. from Adam + Alli Photography via Valley & Co. Weddings | Three. Llanes Weddings for Valley & Co. | Four. sweet wristlet via Lovely Little Details | Five. via 100 Layer Cake | Six. Llanes Weddings for Valley & Co.

Cheers to loveliness and the weekend!

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