Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too!

This weekend we have a number of lofty plans. A piping hot mug of citrus tea {or two} for Aleah. A long walk on the beach at the time of the night when the salty air has a dewy feeling and the sun sets into the sea. House projects leftover from the week {like creating some map wall art}. Some reading of those half-read books we need to finish! A relaxing Easter brunch with an asparagus and goat cheese tart taking center stage, a layered vanilla bean cake filled with fresh berries, and laughter. Sounds just perfect. What lofty plans do you have for the weekend?

Before we take a break for the holiday we have a most special post to share with you today. Our talented friends at Fantasy Frostings are known for their decades-old family business and creating some of the most delicious and artistic cakes around. We’ve had the pleasure of taste testing their cake pops we had shipped to Seattle and Palm Springs {so so tasty!} in airy lemon and creamy chocolate flavors, mini berry pies packed with flavor and their cake. Glorious cake. Leslie was kind enough to chat with us today about their cakes and desserts and sketch up some loveliness just for our readers. We hope you enjoy this treat!

1. We’re suckers for wedding cake. What are your favorite flavor pairings for springtime weddings?

Each spring we try to develop new flavors based on customer inquiries from the previous year. This year with the “rustic” feel weddings we’re taking on our requests for a lemon lavender cake was top on the list, so we developed a new recipe with a lovely lemon lavender batter. We paired it with our traditional fresh raspberry and whip creme then altered in with a light honey creme as an offset…..this would be my favorite spring pairing for 2012.

2. Do you have any new sweet treats you’re bringing out for a new season?

Last year we rolled out our mini pies in cherry, blueberry and apple for the mini dessert bar craze. This year we developed a twist on our bars…the dream bar….this is an old family favorite and can be tweaked in so many variations but ours include
chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, crushed oreos, coconut, and pecans….baked to a golden brown and drizzled in a ganche….I think we hit one out of the ball park this year!!
3. What are your two most important pieces of advice for couples who are deciding on their wedding cake?

What I tell all my brides is that you need to develop a cake design that fits your decor of the reception…this is a centerpiece in the reception room, bring in the feel of the reception area to your cake as well. Also, flavors of cake should compliment your menu of food, if you are looking for something unusual for yourself in flavors save it for the top tier that the two of you share. Compliment the dinner menu with your cake for dessert. 

Thank you so much for stopping by, Leslie!

From silky chiffon to rich chocolate ganache or bite-sized desserts laced with carmelized pecans or fresh berries, what tickles your dessert fancy? Will you be baking up a storm and filling your kitchen with the sweet scent of baked goods for Easter?

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    I love cake sketches! That was one of my favorite things I did in my wedding planning was draw up my dream cake. I didn’t get my dream cake :( but I did love browsing photos to get inspiration and designing! Now, putting the cake together, that’s a whole other gig that I admire cake makers for! Such art!

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