Engaged! A Romance Shoot in a Field

Howdy, friends! How was your weekend? In the Valley household this weekend was a roaring success! We did some serious work on our lingering to do list {you know, those tasks that don’t seem to go away?} and ticked off tasks both large and small. Some new shelving went up in an awkard hallway space {with coordinating folders, inspired artwork and magazine racks, of course} and our air plant wall went up in the garden. Huge silver lanterns were placed, palm trees pruned, worn European mileage signs placed in our outdoor living room, and organization was found both indoors and out! We’ll be posting some project ideas and results on our Lifestyle blog this week, so hop on over and check it out!

Saturday was drizzly so we stayed holed up indoors with the heat cranked and blankets strewn about. Tortilla soup with rice and blue corn flax tortilla chips filled our souls and we just relaxed….

Last night we took a wonderfully long stroll to check out the waves that were rolling in and kicking up a thick layer of sea salt {ah, the best smell in the world} and a salty haze settled in over the coast. It was perfectly relaxing and inspiring! Now we’re ready for a most excellent week, so we hope, of some lunches with friends, writing projects and new client work and more goal tackling…without further adieu, we’re kicking off this week with a sweet engagement shoot from our incredibly talented friends at Bubble Rock Studios.

By the way, if you aren’t familiar with Bubble Rock Studios we highly recommend you check out their work – Steph and Robin are amazing and great friends. They flew in from New Zealand last weekend to capture our couple’s wedding and it was such a joy to work with them. Today’s shoot is breezy and lovely and is positively wonderful.

This lighting….wow.

Photos by Bubble Rock Studios

Isn’t this just so sweet and dreamy? The perfect pop of sunny egg yolk in that balloon is delightful and the S’mores setting drums up memories of happiness. Who doesn’t love S’mores? Thanks so much to Steph and Robin for sharing this beauty with us!

If you’re in the mood for winning some loveliness, we’re giving away a perfect spring kitchen delight on Lifestyle!


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