Engaged: Colorful Urban Barn Love Shoot

Happy Wednesday, sweet readers. Did you fare through tax season okay? As we know many of you might be in search of post-tax eye candy, we’re sharing a delightful shoot today. Our friends at Limelife Photography are so talented {and not to mention, quite adorable, right?} and we’re thrilled to kick off a special series featuring their work and some fun insight into what fuels their creativity. Meet Jesse & Becky:

What’s your favorite time of day?

Becky: About 7 am. I’ve had my tea. Cranked through a good chunk of work. And the world is still pretty quiet.

Jesse: Anytime after 9:30 am. The world just doesn’t make sense before then.

Cake or cupcakes?

Becky: Brownies. But if I had to play by the rules, cupcakes.

Jesse: Cupcakes for sure!

What’s your favorite thing to photograph? 

Becky: People. Laughter. Anything that makes me smile or gives me butterflies. I also have a weakness for twinkle lights.

Jesse: I LOVE shooting people just being themselves, being with the ones they love or doing something they are passionate about.

How long have you been a photographer? 

Becky: Socially, since high school. Professionally, since 2006. Limelife-ly, since 2009.

Jesse: My addiction started when I got my first camera at 16.

Where is your favorite location to shoot?

Becky: Unexpected places full of texture, like alleyways, abandoned buildings and under bridges. No, I’m not a serial killer. I also can’t seem to get enough color, so anywhere bold, bright & full of life.

Jesse: The beach… JUST KIDDING!  Although the beach and I are pretty good friends, I love to shoot at unique locations that our clients dream up and we get make a reality.
What an awesome duo! As a special bonus here’s some gorgeous eye candy from an urban engagement shoot!

Becky tells us that bride-to-be Lauren loves color, so a funky store, Urban Barn, became the backdrop for their engagement shoot.
Loving this look! Total happiness!

 Photography: Limelife | Location: Urban Barn Escondido, CA | Bouquet: Katrina O’Donnell Custom Florals

Hoping you enjoyed today’s loveliness! Hop on over to Wedding Chicks, too – our vintage rural French-inspired designs are featured!


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