DIY: Escort Card Frames

Oh, friends. Did you enjoy the weekend? Did you go on any fun outings or tackle any projects? We worked it up but also strung some new market lights in our garden {we’re just a wee bit excited for spring!} and enjoyed the beach. It was one of those Southern California weekends.

While resting and relaxing a bit was wonderful, we’re knee-deep in prepping for springtime parties and weddings. We’re continuing to see a trend of handmade details that can be made well in advance to a bash. We’ve seen such a great response to our DIY projects here and on our Lifestyle blog and we’re so happy to share our realistic projects for your wedding and home. But here are a few of our biggest words of wisdom to couples pondering creating their own DIY-style projects:

-Tackle DIY projects way {way} before your wedding – at least two weeks, at the minimum.

-Practice in advance and make several mock-ups before you invest time and money in creating dozens {or a few hundred} favors, invitations, or whatever you’re envisioning. A project can look a lot easier than it is, so be wary of how much time it will take to make what you need.

-Go easy on the number of projects you want to tackle if you’re not too keen on DIY. It’s easy to take on too much.

Everyone loves a personalized finishing touch that has your homespun love all over it, but trust us when we say that your sanity is more important than scrambling to finish up homemade cookies, favors, or escort cards. Any projects should be wrapped up at least two weeks prior to your big day. Leave the rest to your planning/design team, florist, etc. Here’s a little ditty of a pretty straight-forward project we recently whipped up for a client’s escort card display.

Ornate wooden frames can add so much depth and curiosity to a wedding {or any party}, but purchasing such frames can be pricey, unless you look in the right places. For this project we made for our couple’s Hotel Del Coronado wedding we purchased a few pre-made empty frames but also found whimsical frames with rather ugly artwork on the interior from discount home goods stores. We simply removed the glass and the artwork – what a score for just a little extra legwork!

You’ll need: pre-cut ribbon cut to the width of your frame plus 2″ | push-pins | frames | scissors | pencil | measuring tape

Step 1: Take your frame and lay it ornate-side down {or not-so-pretty side up}

Step 2: Determine how far down you want your ribbon to be in order for an escort card, menu or picture to show. Measure on both sides of the frame equally and make a mark with a pencil on the wood.

Step 3. Take the ribbon strand {pre-cut to the width of your frame} and firmly push it into place on the wood with a thumbtack. If you have a thicker ribbon we’d recommend you use two tacks. Do this to both sides.

Step 4: Measure down from the bottom of the ribbon to where you’ll need the second ribbon to lay, giving enough room for each escort card to be placed and then removed easily by guests.

Keep repeating Steps 3 and 4: the tacking of ribbon and measuring, until you’ve filled your frame.

The result is a unique work of art that can be use in oh-so many ways. Think: bar menus, wishing trees, photo hangers, and the like. You could also just use a number of these as an art installation by themselves with bright and textured ribbons and swap them out when you move into your home as newlyweds.

Photos by Valley & Co.

Pretty fun, right? Would you create and use something like this in your wedding or soiree?


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    I have no earthly idea how I’d missed the new blog for so long, but it looks nothing short of AMAZING and I’m so glad to have you back!


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