DIY: Creative Wedding Shower Gifts

Another gorgeous day is here! What’s on your planning docket? We’re fine-tuning some gorgeous parties and weddings and enjoying a Seattle trip. Of course, we had to squeeze in some photo shoots so Aleah’s putting the finishing touches on eclectic spring-like details. Think: delicious cakes, French-inspired stationery, bright blooms, and a gorgeous setting. Sounds lovely, right?

So, similar to our concept on our Lifestyle blog, we’ll be sharing snippets of daily goodness here: like DIY projects for weddings and parties, innovative decor ideas and color palettes, fresh cocktail recipes, and everything in between. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Today’s sweet project is perfect for wedding showers and parties for kids, too. It’s a creative, thoughtful gift for newlyweds or someone you want to share several lovely gifts with. This of it almost like an Advent calendar: the couple opens one package on their 1-month anniversary, one on their 6-month, 1-year, and so on. Quite sweet, right? We thought so.

For this project and our gift-wrapping look you’ll need: hostess and home entertaining books | scrap booking paper | tape | scissors | kitchen twine | brown packing paper {Home Depot carries rolls for $4 each – we use this for everything!} | silver or white pen

Lay out your first book face-side down in the center of your scrap booking paper.
Pull the centers together and secure with tape. Just like wrapping a gift.
Cut the brown packing paper to band-size so that it will wrap around the book but leave a nice 1″ or so of gift wrap on either side.
Write 1 month, 6 months, one year, and so on in silver, gold, or white ink across the band.
The curlier the font the better…
Love this combination of subtle plaid against a paper bag-style paper.
Stack your books and cinch together with kitchen twine by taking the two ends, wrapping around the back of the books, tucking one end under the other, and pulling through. Bring the ends around the front and secure with a knot and a bow.
Like so.
Darling, if we do say so! What we love: this is the gift that keeps on giving. Who wouldn’t love to look forward to opening such sweetly wrapped gifts every few months?
We’d love to hear your thoughts: is this a project and give that you’d give? Are you a big time gift giver? If so, do share your secret touch to putting the finishing touches on gifts…
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  1. Paula says

    What a fantastic idea- I would have never thought of that. Love the simple wrapping as well- what a clean and beautiful look

  2. Katie says

    my girlfriend gave us a similar wedding gift and placed date cards in envelopes, in a triple photo frame… for 1 month, 3 months and 6 months- we were married in June, so date 1 was a gift card to ice cream since it was the heat of summer, item 2 was “something random” from to signify the ‘fun and unexpected’ things we were likely learning about each other from living together (she bought this and timed it to arrive on our 3 month anniversary, so the card was a ‘heads up’ that it was on its way) and the 3rd item was a gift card out to dinner for ‘just the 2 of us’ time since our 6 month anniversary fell around Christmas which is family-intensive. one of the best gifts we received and I loved the thought she put into it.

    • admin says

      That is just such a sweet sentiment. We love the mystery behind what your friend did – thank you so much for sharing!

    • admin says

      So sweet! Thank you for including us in your round-up! We can envision using this idea for holidays, kids and so many other fun moments!

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