2012 Wedding Trend Prediction No. 6

Oh, friends! We’re just days away from Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Can you believe we’re wrapping up 2011 in all its wonder {both fantastic and challenging at times} and rolling out the sparkling red carpet for 2012? How fantastic. We’re so excited for what 2012 has in store thus far: amazing weddings and events and some writing…shall we say assignments and ideas that have us so eager for the pages of the calendar to turn.

We’re also counting down the last of our 2012 wedding trend predictions {last week gave us prediction No. 5}.
2012 Wedding Trend Prediction No. 6: handmade wedding favors. These needn’t be over-the-top or expensive, but your guests will adore the personalized touch. Perhaps it’s because we’re in the jolly holiday spirit, but handmade ornaments top our list right now {like our mossy-filled ornaments}. They can change with the seasons and truly mean something each season they’re unwrapped {think sea shell-filled, glittering baubles, or sand from exotic locales.  Other handmade gifts: gorgeous textured paper-covered coasters, personalized embossed luxe stationery, or sweet treats made from your home. Who wouldn’t enjoy some gourmet candies or cookies from a passed down recipe? 

What we love: the thought and love that goes into each gift.

So what are you expecting for 2012? What are your predictions?

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