Inspiration: Moody Blues

While most of our friends across the country are buried in snow and ice, we’re thinking warm thoughts for you….but we are secretly longing for a blustery, windy day so that we can cozy up and spend a day relaxing and watching some of our favorite movies…this board is representative of just that: a blustery, moody day.

We’ve also recently been pinning away on Pinterest and stumbled across some of these ultra lovely images – hooray for Pinterest and all of our fab pals for pinning such wonderful things!

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  1. Jen Rea says

    Beautiful inspiration board. It's funny…I am always drawn to black envelopes in photos and this board was no exception. That invite is awesome. The more stamps the better! Looks like it traveled a long, long, long way to get to a very special guest.

  2. la petite coquine says

    It's true, I would so love just one snow day! This is the perfect board for just that-blissfully gloomy!

  3. Kate/MagnoliaRouge says

    I could definitely put some damage into that cake right about now!! Gorgeous board… love the chopped wood too!

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