Nick’s Picks: Boutonnière Inspiration

Today’s post is for the gents. We know it’s easy to get wrapped up in the larger picture of the wedding and easy to forget about what are often viewed as the small details. However, it’s important to think about how key a perfect boutonnière actually is to tying your attire, your style, and how the photos of you wearing your boutonnière will look.
 In truth, all of these details come together to tell the story of your relationship and wedding day.
While more often than not, a groom’s boutonnière will tie into his significant other’s fowers, we do see some our grooms balk at the thought of donning a hot pink rose! If this is your case, get creative! How cool would it be to honor your grandfather or father by wearing his vintage pocketwatch? Or go with an unusual cluster of seasonal berries.
 Image one left via Martha Stewart Image on right via In Style

 Boutonnière from Meadow Belle Market
Ribbon boutonnières are fun, can be customized, and are actually quite easy to make. If you’re not keen on flowers at all {or maybe you’re allergic}, this is a great alternative.
 Ribbon boutonniere on left via Martha Stewart {click for a simple DIY project}; Image on right via Cindy Dyer
Paper, fabric, succulents, or fiddle fern boutonnières are also great alternatives to floral pieces. And not to worry; even if your bride is carrying a floral bouquet, you can coordinate by color or even texture, but there’s nothing wrong with standing out!
  Boutonnière on left via Marielle Hayes; on right via A Modern Event
It’s all about thinking outside of the box and donning something refreshing that you like. 
What are you planning to wear on your big day?

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  1. Hindsight Bride says

    Awesome roundup. As a sentimental fool who loves all things historical, I love the vintage photo of parents/grandparents in the old watch cum pendant boutonniere

  2. Brenda's Wedding Blog says

    Loving each and every one of these. I'm a HUGE fan of the groom having a unique and special boutonniere. Great post!

  3. Erin*Sparkle&Hay says

    AAAHH! there's hay!! (ok, wheat, but i'm just as excited!) love that one, and the ribbon, and the lambs ear & feather! fab!

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